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last icon maker standing feat. 24
Round 1 - Challenge 1 
31st-May-2007 01:13 am
Welcome to 24_lims's first challenge!

Feel free to keep signing up until the voting for this challenge is posted on June 7, 2007, midnight, eastern standard time.

- You may only use the supplied caps. Textures, brushes, etc. are fine. You may also blend the caps, if you want.
- You may only submit one icon.
- Keep in mind the general rules.
- If you would like to use one of your skips, i.e. you want to sit this challenge out, please post a comment HERE.

To submit your icon, reply to this post with your icon. Adding the url is unnecessary, but put it if you want. (I live on 'copy image location', heh.)

I apologize in advance that I will not be using Hi-Res images, unless I use some promos. I just don't know where they're at (and I have dial-up and a wussy comp). If you want to make suggestions on where to go for images or future challenges, feel free. :)

Season 3 images of phone usage. Because, really there's a lot of phone usage on the show, lol.

Images from 24tv.de and 24 Online.
1d - intense!harry
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